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Keith 05-24-2021 03:50 PM

3411: Lightning Round w/ Mathew Klickstein
Uh oh! Keith and Chemda lost a listener over Israeli-Palestinian thoughts, and they are not pleased one bit! Luckily, Keith’s able to calm down after reminiscing over how well he cleaned his own place as his girlfriend’s anniversary gift. Mathew joins the show and talks about his myriad of projects that include Steven Seagal’s only horror film, Restaurant: Impossible, and Mr. Skin before getting into his latest project Comic-Con Begins. Spoiler: Those costumed people fuuuuuuuuck.

Mathew Klickstein

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Scorpion 05-24-2021 07:06 PM

Being critical or even anti-Israel is not the same as anti-Semitic any more than being critical of Italy is anti-Christianity. If you conflate the two then you assume a government can be flawless. That's just silly.

1) Zionist is not the same a Judaism
2) Palestine was a full voting member of the UN prior to the UN selling them out and creating Israel.
3) The middle east has not been at war for 1,000's of years or even 100's of years.

These are myths that Zionist want everyone to believe. Having said that I'm not anti-Israel and I'm a supporter of the two state solution.

sohime421 05-24-2021 09:56 PM

2 it took two, who won

mxmalloryjane 05-25-2021 08:57 PM

Well, at least this show gave me the opportunity to try the 0.5x speed setting?

iamgrilledcheese 06-03-2021 09:44 PM

This guy really can talk

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