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Keith 11-08-2021 03:43 PM

3470: Armchair Quarterback
Keith and Chemda explain it all. They talk about sex, Daylight Saving Time, and the easiest way to last longer in bed. They also share the news that an edgelord is in charge of running Keith's crypto portfolio. The duo discusses the COVID-19 vaccine and its relation to Joe Rogan, Aaron Rodgers, Emilio Estevez, and Big Bird. A worker on Alec Baldwin's Rust was bit by a poisonous spider on the set the same day as the shooting, and he may need his arm amputated. Chemda breaks down Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's relationship, and Keith is excited to be part of the new crop of 15-minute grocery store delivery services.

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Svage 11-08-2021 06:33 PM

I shop for instacart as my main job right now and I can say that as a shopper I would like to see bigger tips the bigger the order is, as well as the heavier it is. If we're talking several cases of water and soda, tip accordingly especially if you live in an apartment building without an elevator. If it's a small (10item) easy order with light things $5 is good enough.

Just don't be one of those assholes who orders 45 items, demands communication for everything and only tips $3 on a $200 order.

Apia resurrected 11-09-2021 12:06 AM

When I visit your country I especially don’t know what to tip. Who knows who even earns any money and who gets just some candy and is otherwise 100% dependent on on tips because of Freedom or America or something similar like because Jesus said it.

Apia resurrected 11-09-2021 12:32 AM

Chemda I love you.

And know the critic:

" I go in like a pussy to get the vaccine because of the fear of pain "


I had two UNMEDICATED births from my vagina. ( it went faster than the doctors thought I was not anti drug)
Please more people learn to take pain like a pussy.

Or if you don't like that think about all the vagina owners with endometriosis.
So much pain! They have to take it! Like Champs.

Can you put in for me a reward, talking to Chemda about gendered insults? I give you 300 for it.
And you win again.

DeathInGrasp 11-09-2021 04:36 AM

Iíve gotten confused if and how much to tip in random specific situations - one example was when I got laser hair removal on my legs. I erred on the side of caution and tipped 20% but later thought to myself, the lady owns the spa and itís her machine and she set the (expensive) price for the treatment already, doesnít the cost of the service cover it already in some instances? How do I know when? I honestly would like the confidence of knowing for certain who to tip and when. Not everyoneís income/ job relies on tip money and Iíve erred on the side of tipping very consistently but perhaps unnecessarily in some instances.

sketchowl 11-09-2021 02:44 PM

Echoing the false narrative on Ivermectin is dangerous guys. Rogan and others have utilized the drug as prescribed by medical doctors. This is a widely used drug, as it is and has been given to probably over a billion all across subsaharan africa, immigrants crossing borders get this drug. It is a massively influential and important human medicine. It has been used for animals as well, CNN/MSNBC etc have really latched on to the equine use for their own purposes but a simple search (with a non-censored engine) will refute their very silly position on this. It is far less harmful than advil or tylonol in human use. The amount of equine Ivermectin required for the "dangerous" overdoses they were reporting on (the level of a drug that would kill 50% of those taking it at that level) is like 7 full tubes of the equine stuff.

This drug is a protease inhibitor that inhibits the same protease that the Pfizer and other patented oral medications are targeting. This mode of action inhibits viral replication. This is why we have seen robust effects in early to mid onset treatments as well as when utilized as a prophylactic measure. This is also why the data doesn't show a robust effect when the virus has replicated to an extent that we see the cytokine storm which is the process that leads to much of the more serious symptoms including death.

Keith 11-09-2021 03:52 PM

We didnít bring up any of this. You did.

I said Joe Rogan shouldnít be your doctor.

sketchowl 11-09-2021 04:28 PM

all the horse de-wormer stuff...that's ivermectin...

Keith 11-09-2021 04:30 PM

Not to brag, but I think I followed.

sketchowl 11-09-2021 05:33 PM

O I misunderstood I guess....I thought you brought it up on the piece about the football player not being vaccinated..."because he got advise from Joe Rogan"...Goop for men - very funny! Media has jumped all over Rogan about the ivermectin. I thought that was when it was brought up. Specifically the bit about "this guy is using horse dewormer because he ate horse testicles" referencing Fear Factor. I thought that was when the "horse dewormer" was brought up.

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