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nordcharonmir 12-15-2021 11:32 AM


Originally Posted by bag of lazers (Post 891546)
Why are you still here? Usually cars get towed away after they're completely wrecked.

BOOM, Wizz bang...what a zinger! Good job guy, good job very tidy argument, you sure demonstrated your superior debate skills by "dunking on me" bro-fessor.


Originally Posted by bag of lazers (Post 891546)
You know you cherry picked the first stat. Even just copying and pasting "Countries with the Highest Rates of Violent Gun Death (Homicides) per 100k residents in 2019" shows that the US is in 2nd place in overall gun deaths. There's even a map at the top of the page that shows that Europe, where there are strict laws, doesn't have a high number of gun deaths. Everywhere you listed doesn't have strict gun laws. You proved my point. Welcome to Keith's "weird liars" list.

You are dumb! May I explain something the left seems to totally not understand at all..."gun deaths" and gun violence are two VERY different statistics. Which AGAIN is a cherry picked statistic just like you used in your post which is way more about Suicide than it is about inter-party violence which was your point but you either misunderstand differences in statistics or you are willfully being a cunt at this point. Try and focus and think a little bit.

Everywhere I listed doesn't have strict gun laws????? WTF are you talking about?

1. El Salvador- Sticter than most of the US States. Have a ownership of like 5% per capita. That is WAY lower than USA.
2. Venezuela - {straight from wikipedia [leftist source] for you lazy person} "In 2012 Venezuela banned private sales of firearms and ammunition hoping to lower crime rates. The Army, police, and certain groups trusted by the government (colectivos) are exempted from the ban and can buy firearms from state-owned manufacturers.[214] In 2013 Venezuela stopped issuing new firearm licenses.[215] In 2017 government banned carrying firearms in public places.[143]"

And the list goes on, try and do yourself a modicum of good and respect yourself enough to try.

We have fewer homicides per capita than even your favorite, Russia, are you telling me Russia doesn't have any gun laws?

Do you know what will really blow your mind...get the firearm homicide rate and look at highest correlated factors...gun laws isn't close to the top. Another fun one that you won't look up is look at homicide per capita rates for countries when gang violence is isolated. I'll just tell you since your don't like to do any research outside of what you are already being served up: what you will see is America (with gang violence removed) has the same rates as you will see in western europe (pre - 2019 since they have started to spike with their Liberal errors since around that time even with attempting to censor their statistics).


Originally Posted by bag of lazers (Post 891546)
The rest of this is even more tedious and exhausting. Unlike you, I got shit to do. Stop watching Fox. Stop making excuses for your gun fetish and just say "I want to easily kill people." Realize that conservative ideas always end up embarrassing to the conservative movement just a few years later. I'm done here.

You see your pattern, right? You: "I have an opinion and if I has to read to see another side then me is exhausted by it. Me just curl up in my warm pre-decided position that feels like I is right and is victim, everyone else is tedious and I wreck them with mine words cuz I smart and they poop heads trying to make me read and think."

You:"freedom is dangerous! I have to rationalize any reason why we must be completely subservient and give full monopoly of force to the government cuz then I don't have any personal responsibility. Mommy government can I please suckle from your bosom?"

You discounted the entire argument of Western doctrine relevant to liberty (which you also want to try and champion a piece of in western europe) because it's "tedious" and summed it up to wanting freedom is the same as wanting to easily kill people. I know I'm talking to a wall here but conservative movement being embarrassing in years later? Are you embarrassed by the end of slavery, constitutional republics, capitalism, etc? To say you have a warped world view is a huge understatement.

Seriously, with no rhetorical element intended, would you like some help with some history books? If you can't afford them, I will send them to you if you will try and read. I will literally buy books and ship them to you if you want. I'm scared you go out into the world thinking like this. You are a dangerous person to yourself and others while you see the world through this postmodernist victim-hood lens.

nordcharonmir 12-16-2021 01:52 PM

Mr or Mrs. Bag,

I'm of particular interest how you find justification for the below:


Originally Posted by nordcharonmir (Post 891535)
Roe v Wade at the constitutional level was a 14th amendment ruling based on privacy that ruled in favor of the 14th amendments application thus overruling state/local law because the constitution has legal authority above state and local law. Thus using the same application of the law (which is how the law is designed to work) the second amendment would override local and state laws related to the infringement of the right to bear arms.

My position is very clear as is US law that constitution is above and superior in authority to state/local law. How do you square 14th amendment should rule in one area you agree with but 2nd amendment shouldn't rule in another area you disagree with?

I'm actually interested in how you finagle yourself around that inconsistency.

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