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Keith 12-01-2021 03:37 PM

3479: Scare Package w/ May Wilkerson
The totes fa-bu May Wilkerson joins Keith and Chemda as they discuss … Keith having cancer??!!! The gang also talks about Chemda’s parental care package and a listener’s holiday question. The trio addresses Tim Heidecker’s Joe Rogan parody and CNN suspending popular anchor Chris Cuomo. Then we get into love. A woman who married herself finds love with another, a different woman married a cow who she believes to be her reincarnated husband, and KATG discusses pandemic dating.

May Wilkerson

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Apia resurrected 12-02-2021 01:15 AM

The listener letter:

I mostly agree with the advice.

Tell the boyfriend how your family is, the bad and the good stuff.
Ask him how he feels about it and if he wants to go knowing about their points of view. And when he is prepared thats good. And don't defend your family when they say something stupid.

bag of lazers 12-02-2021 07:51 AM

I always tell my wife that she never has to come to any family function. They're my idiots to deal with and she can always opt out. I have no idea why she keeps going with me to these things.

Sparrow 12-02-2021 09:08 AM

oooh this letter. Bear comes from Southern money. i was the weird poorsie who walked in their Castle door. not exaggerating, their wedding venue is a castle. they bought it originally as their residence. needless to say it took them /years/ to stop giving me side eye.

my saving grace and safe space were the cousins’ spouses who had a similar experience. take your guy. it would have sucked if Bear made me feel excluded instead of being proudly with me. just remember to get high behind the garage.

Maya 12-02-2021 09:37 AM

Yall, I was losing it at the accompanying care package unboxing video. Is there something about Israelis living in America that makes us chef's kiss when we see bamba? Because that was my reaction to the unboxing one second before Chemda's in the video.

Barring crazy covid changes, I'll be in Israel next month and I'm bringing a suitcase full of stuff for my mom+family (as one does when visiting family who don't have access to Amazon Prime). I plan on filling it with bamba and bissli before I head back to the US.

Also, I describe bamba to the Americans as cheese puffs but peanut butter instead of cheese. I think it's more accurate on the crunch factor than less crunchy cap'n crunch.

Edited to add: Mazal tov, Chemdoosh! Ad me'a ve esrim!

Christ Why 12-03-2021 06:47 PM

I was so excited to hear Keith mention Office Hours. I love Tim Heidecker! I love it when some of my favorite worlds collide!

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