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Keith 12-06-2021 04:13 PM

3481: We Can Laugh About It Now w/ Jackie Kashian
The great Jackie Kashian returns to KATG to fill us in on the behind-the-scenes parts of the stories she’s told in stand-up over the last 35 years, including her dad and moms, her 5 siblings and their dynamic, kids, and sex talk both good and horrific.

Jackie Kashian

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DeathInGrasp 12-06-2021 10:45 PM

When Jackie said “regrettable consensual sex”, I laughed so hard and felt it described a fair portion of the sex I had in my teens into my twenties. When I started having sex, I had sex that was so bad with my first 2 boyfriends that I assumed I just can’t come when having sex with someone else so I just kept telling my partners for YEARS afterward not to worry or try since I’m not able to come with a partner, only on my own.

Apia resurrected 12-07-2021 02:30 AM

I love Jackie and the album is fantastic.

Sparrow 12-07-2021 08:20 AM

i learned about the mechanics of sex from my medical encyclopedias as a kid. my Mama slipped a pamphlet about menstruation under my door to cover that. the rest i researched on my own on the internet.

i asked her later why we didn’t have a formal talk and she said she knew i was curious kid and would dig into it on my own and figured if there was anything i didn’t get i’d ask. shout out to

it sounds really counter-intuitive, but it ended up being an approach that gave me a lot of freedom to seek out lots of ways to think about it. no one ever told me to wait until marriage or filtered their own baggage at me or made me feel shame about my body. to this day we can have really open conversations about sex.

panicBoy 12-07-2021 08:20 AM

Dollars to donuts, it was Roger Taylor’s B♭5 in the middle of Bohemian Rhapsody. I’ve hit it only once and it took three days to recover. No collapsed lung but my throat felt like I’d gargled Drano.

Apia resurrected 12-08-2021 12:15 AM

I enjoy the gender bit a lot too, I always saw myself as a person who happens to be female.
I was also never a girly girl as a child.
I didnt want to be a boy either just to be left alone to play with dogs and to read nerdy books about nature or history.

thirteen 12-08-2021 08:25 AM

Jackie, what a national treasure

rodimusprime 12-09-2021 12:17 AM

Jackie says the most traumatizing stuff in the most matter of fact way. She's amazing.

Apia resurrected 12-09-2021 02:22 AM

She is a working comedian but I think she would deserve more praise. She is as good as many ( mostly male) superstars or better.

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