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Apia resurrected 04-23-2022 12:37 AM

I asked myself 14 years ago: would I ever join the catholic church if I wasn't in it already? The answer was 100% not.
So I thought I dont have to continue just because I'm in it now.

It’s like with organ donations. ( wait )

If the default is you don’t donate unless you consent, most people don’t consent.
In counties where you have to opt out or you are an organ donor after you die the rates are way higher. Most people accept the Status Quo no matter what it is.

nordcharonmir 04-27-2022 02:06 PM


Originally Posted by Apia resurrected (Post 893230)
I also told Rod about it because two weeks ago I stated that the slap was everywhere besides the pharma media update.

Here it is:

Human-centricity? Novartis’ New LDL drug push spotlights life’s ups and down

MM+M – Medical Marketing and Media, Apr 19, 2022, The 2022 Oscars ceremony will be remembered for Will Smith’s unfortunate pugilism. Nonetheless, a commercial that premiered during the broadcast was a one-minute tour de force of perfectly timed eye rolls and winks to the camera, without its star — an actor portraying a woman named Gloria — uttering a single word.

The spot, which has since aired on CBS, NBC, ESPN and BET as well as across digital platforms, is for Novartis’s New ldl drug, a siRNA therapy for cholesterol reduction approved by the Food and Drug Administration in December……

( I cut it here, you get it)

Does this lead you to any conclusions about the quality of the publication and it's veracity?

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