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Keith 05-06-2022 04:10 PM

3535: The Backflip w/ Dylan Adler
Dylan Adler joins KATG to discuss his news-making backflip, and the gang talks about being buried alive (Itís still happening, people!), the Dave Chappelle Hollywood Bowl attack aftermath, edibles, and the multiverse.

Dylan Adler

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Keith 05-06-2022 04:16 PM

I want everyone's edible stories please

littlp 05-07-2022 10:00 PM

First time I had edibles was when I was an undergrad and my friend convinced me to take one before going to see Sin City in theaters. It was a terrible idea. We were both pressing ourselves as hard as we could into the chairs while screaming at the yellow bastard scenes. Havenít watched the movie since.

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Svage 05-09-2022 01:27 AM

So I saw Doctor Strange opening night. I did not like the tone, it felt campy. Visually it felt like an old movie. K
So in my opinion I disliked it more than I liked it.

Then I saw it again tonight with my lady. She wanted to watch it in 3d so I said fine. Idk but the visual style of it worked so much better in 3d that it changed my opinion of the movie. The camp was gone and I enjoyed it to the fullest.

bag of lazers 05-09-2022 09:53 AM

The first time I did edibles was a friend's bachelor party. I ate about 1/4th of a big brownie and have never been so high or had that kind of borderline hallucinatory freakout. The whole party had been super bizarre leading up to that so I'm sure that was a factor. I kinda flipped out and they made me go outside and smoke a cigarette to calm down. I don't smoke cigarettes. The whole thing felt insane.

I do edibles now but only in pretty small doses.

Apia resurrected 05-09-2022 12:42 PM

I accidentally ate a lot of a cake that was full of weed and I dint know how extreme if was.
It was at a party, I was maybe 18, it was just much too much.
I had to lie down on the floor and I lost any sense of time.
Did a minute go by? Or a month? I didnt know. I wasn’t really able to speak at all but i was also fine.
I wasn’t afraid, I was just not in this world.
I remember thing some patterns expanding before my eyes. Like big snowflakes made of rubber (?)
Several hours later I was better and ate a lot of sugary stuff. It was a strange experience.

Scorpion 05-18-2022 05:46 PM

I said no, I'm not afraid of being buried alive.

Again I'm not afraid.
However, Keith has a point and maybe I should be, but I'm not. <shrug>

Scorpion 05-18-2022 05:51 PM


Originally Posted by Keith (Post 893423)
I want everyone's edible stories please

I've never done an illegal drug. I got drunk once when I was 15 than didn't drink again until I was 22. That's it.

I had a gummy a few times last year to help with back pain and to try it. It didn't seem to do anything but reduce the stress of the pain. months later I tried again and had one after 1.5 hours nothing I felt nothing then I ate another and it gave me bad vertigo. Never again.

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