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Keith 06-27-2022 04:44 PM

3555: No Heart (Your Body Is Mine) w/ Betsy & Jack Helmuth and Caitlin Peluffo
KATG gets personal in this revisiting of the overturning of Roe v. Wade. They also discuss Kyle Rittenhouseís video game Kyle Rittenhouse Turkey Shoot where the player shoots at the lamestream media and a story of a 24-year-old woman held hostage and raped who got help by adding a text to her captorís Grubhub order. Enjoy the comedy!

Betsy Helmuth

Caitlin Peluffo

Jack Helmuth

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littlp 06-27-2022 08:14 PM

Iím in the middle of the story-Iím so sorry. Thank you for sharing your story and your emotions. Politicians really have no clue what this is going to do. So horrific and ridiculous.

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CarolinaLiz 06-27-2022 08:43 PM

Some kind of comedy podcast! I kid, I kid. These emotional, personal episodes are so real and I really want to thank Keith and Chemda for NEVER shying away from the hard topics. And thank you to Betsy for sharing your story. I am so sorry you had to go through it three times, but your second sounds soul-shattering. I think everyone that shares their abortion story is so brave and to do it in this kind of climate is especially important. Thank you, thank you, thank you to both you and Jack for opening up and trusting us.


Svage 06-27-2022 09:36 PM

Once in a while there are transcendent episodes of this podcast.

This is one of those few.

Thank you to Betsy for sharing her story.

Jay86 06-27-2022 10:06 PM

That was a tough listen. I was in tears.
Having gone through grueling IVF we have our share of stories but nothing this heart-rending. I have friends who experienced something more similar and i don't know how they got through it (but they did)!
Thanks for sharing. And fuck the American taliban...

bw81 06-27-2022 11:24 PM

This show broke me - I cried. Thank you for sharing such a deeply personal story on here and for highlighting a small fraction of how wide an affect this has on all of the people in your country. Australia is heavily influenced by the US and I worry that this will happen here too.

Apia resurrected 06-28-2022 12:44 AM

How did you get here?

By people who said voting for Democrats is the same as voting for Republicans or not at all.

Apia resurrected 06-28-2022 01:14 AM

I immediately had the thoughts about murder Jack had even before him so you see how my brain works.

Keith 06-28-2022 05:05 AM

What should the poll be?

Jay86 06-28-2022 05:45 AM


Originally Posted by Keith (Post 894046)
What should the poll be?

Are you pro-life or are you a fucking human being?

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