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Keith 07-15-2022 04:01 PM

3560: Stay Tuned w/ May Wilkerson
May Wilkerson is back, baby! The trio discusses Jill Biden citing “bogadas” and breakfast tacos to praise Latino diversity, Donald Trump knowing if he’ll run again for President or not, and Ivana Trump being found dead on the staircase of her home at age 73. Kevin Spacey is reaching Bill Cosby numbers, and Keith reviews Elvis and Thor: Love and Thunder. May also describes her dating life and the horrors of letting a man down.

May Wilkerson

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Apia resurrected 07-16-2022 12:15 AM

Keith is right, voting got so much easier for you.
You don't have to watch debates now.
The question is just: are you a human being with emphaty or a Monster.

What Jill Biden said sounded not great but compared to literally being pro school shootings it sounds laughably harmless.

Apia resurrected 07-16-2022 12:16 AM

If I had a short casual relationship I would rather be broken up with via text.

Apia resurrected 07-16-2022 12:19 AM

Everyone I ever broke up with was "shocked". Even if I told them multiple times before that I'm thinking about breaking up. I start to think it was the breaking up part they didn't like no matter how I did it.

Keith 07-16-2022 02:41 AM

Did you say ... SHOCKED?!

DeathInGrasp 07-16-2022 07:00 PM

I’m glad you tolerated the Elvis movie, Keith - I liked it so much I saw it twice. The second time I took my 15 year old daughter and after it wrapped up and we discussed it she said “wait - why didn’t they show how he got his ribs removed so he can suck himself off?”

😂 I’m glad this celebrity rumor is still alive with her generation I guess though how the Elvis and Manson rumor lines crossed is beyond me.

Keith 07-17-2022 12:23 AM

It's fantastic. In the best ways.

When right away the spinning roulette wheel went, I was like, Oh fuck.

But they got me into it fast.

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