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Keith 07-20-2022 04:26 PM

3562: How to Hire a Hitman w/ Kyle Ocasio
Kyle Ocasio joins Keith and Chemda as they discuss babies in bars, how to properly hire a hitman, and Kyle’s psychic experience. Keith promises to get a psychic reading as well.

Kyle Ocasio

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Apia resurrected 07-21-2022 01:40 AM

Oh the sweet love.

Keith 07-21-2022 02:11 AM


Apia resurrected 07-21-2022 02:56 AM


Originally Posted by Keith (Post 894204)

But honestly, I feel the love.

Keith 07-21-2022 03:05 AM

I was being honest too. Mwa mwa mwa.

Jenni 07-21-2022 05:33 AM

Had to pause and chip in on the kids in bars chat..

We’ve got brewery’s here (in the UK) that are very kid friendly. It’s basically just a nice place to have lunch. There’s decent food, we can have one or two drinks and it’s an environment where you know you’re not pissing off other diners because you know they expect it. There’s people with dogs, prams and toddlers.

There is absolutely no hanging around getting wasted. Literally never seen it. A baby/ toddler has such a small window of tolerance in a public space. After an hour / hour and a half or so they need a nap or just a change of scenery because they’re bored.

JJMArtwork 07-21-2022 07:20 AM

Kid Friendly Bar And Brewery
Due to the pandemic I no longer work there, but is used to be the Social Media Director at a local Indiana brewery named Books & Brews. One of the most important parts of our franchise model was to keep the spaces family friendly. We had simple food, open spaces, durable furniture, youth aged events, and the best part was 1000s of used books for all ages. The books were for sale, but we also had the policy of “leave a book and take a book”, and many people used us primarily as a community library. The focus on family is probably why we were doing so well for so long.

Keith 07-21-2022 10:08 AM

Dear Keith, I work at a bar and by bar I mean indoor playground but there’s a free half a beer for parents on the side. Everyone wins.


Christ Why 07-21-2022 11:03 AM

Growing up I often went to sports bars with my parents. I don't know if the bar you guys are discussing was like a dive bar or something shady, but it never seemed to be an issue when I was a kid. They served food and everything, it was basically just like going to a restaurant to me. My parents were drinking but never drank too much to take care of us and be good parents. And actually now that I think about it they probably took me to a few dive bars at some point, I don't know if they did it when I was an infant but definitely when I was a kid. I don't see a problem with it if there's a time specifically set aside for families.

Newsy 07-21-2022 11:27 AM

No more favors for Keith! I am shock.

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