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Scorpion 03-30-2021 08:02 AM


Originally Posted by joslingeneva (Post 888356)
We Americans can only dream.

Our tax system at this point supports an entire industry around it.
Tax lawyers
Tax accountants
Tax strategists/financial experts that help you avoid taxes
Tax software
the IRS is by far the smallest drain of all of these others.

In case any of you fellow American's were wondering why there is no honest push for simplifying the tax code all the lobbyists and campaign money from these groups keeps that from becoming a real thing. They all suck from the tit of the US Tax code and are more interested in further complicating the code so that no one does their own taxes and they can continue to put in loop holes for their friends that are almost impossible to figure out.

Honestly is such a scam that H&R Block can advertise tax help that costs hundreds of dollars to the average person. And yet the average actual Tax Accountant would charge much less and could get you just as much back.

Tip for fellow US folks, look for a tax accountant don't go to H&R Block or any other financial group that offers help like this. Mine is only $150 a year and he will let me make payments if I need.

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