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iPod Repair

So, iPods don't last long with me...never have.

A common thing that'll go wrong with the iPods I've owned is that eventually I'll only get one channel of audio. Left or Right. And usually it doesn't bother me too much since I usually use my iPod for podcasts, or to listen to music while I drive (in which case I only need the dock, not the jack).

But I've fixed it before, a few times by opening my iPod and placing rubber or paper in there to apply pressure to this little piece next to the jack which fixes the problem.

I was just now doing this on my current iPod, and it was being a bugger, not closing properly. So I re-opened it, to try to close it again correctly, but it felt jammed, so I put more force into trying to open it and when it gave I accidently pulled apart one of the orange strappy-things that goes to the audio jack..

I was just wondering if there are people who fix that...replace it, repair it...whatever...cause my warranty expired and I already know all Apple would do is tell me to buy a new one, especially because this is something I did to the iPod. Any help would be helpful.
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This is the only place I have heard of that does iPod repairs other than Apple itself. I didn't really research but heard about this on another show I listen to sometimes. Maybe you could mail it in to them and have it repaired. Dunno about the cost. Or you could call them and they might give you tips. that I look more closely, it only has a specific section for Iphones, not Ipods. But I say it's still worth it to talk to them.

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Thanks...but after looking around for replacement parts (it was easier to look for parts than repairs) seems like it'd be way easier to just buy a cheap-o MP3 player. I'll do that.

Cause my iPod still works perfectly fine as far as holding my music, and playing through the dock...sound just can no longer go through the jack...and since I only ever listen through the jack to podcasts and maybe a song or two while jogging or sleeping or shopping...I'll just buy like a 1gb 2gb MP3 player at Walmart.
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