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2618: Basic Witches

with Molly Austin – The other world; 911 incompetence; being stupid rich; the taboos of periods; sobriety and health setbacks; proof that Eli Manning knowingly sold fake memorabilia; Mel B’s physical and sexual abuse April 26, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Do You Know Where You Are Right Now?: Free spirit Molly Austin is in studio
  • — Staring Into My Soul: Keith asks crystal-loving, wind-watching Molly if he sees the baby foot on his shoulder that Jena Axelrod saw during the marathon
  • — Witches Of New York: Chemda and Molly have both been accused of being witches
  • — 911 Doesn’t Work: Molly has called the police multiple times on drug dealers in her area, and they haven’t done anything
  • — Paying For The Silence: Molly wants to be stupid rich so that she can bankroll a 23-year-old hot boy to do whatever she wants, including not talking
  • — Go Live With A Deer Then: Molly doesn’t like when people say periods are gross because they almost were one
  • — Happy and Healthy: Molly gives an update on her sobriety since she was last on the show. Molly and Chemda discuss recovery from major health setbacks.
  • — Busted: Emails have been released that confirm that Eli Manning is guilty of selling fake sports memorabilia to fans
  • — Scared Spice: Former Spice Girl Mel B has called out her husband publicly for physically and sexually abusing her, while the nanny has a different story


Molly AustinMolly Austin

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