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2818: Hooked

with Chris Laker – Fitting in; dumping someone on a major holiday; road rage; wolverining your keys; happy ending massages and prostitution; what you do alone; police officer who tested positive for meth claims meth must have touched his leg at work; Barbara Streisand’s cloned dogs February 28, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Warm and Cuddly: Chris Laker, who doesn’t get why people might find him hard to read, is in studio
  • — Ladies’ Choice: Only one listener answered YES to the poll question, “Have you ever dumped somebody on a major holiday?” Chris has only ever been dumped except for when he got divorced.
  • — RAGE: The gang discusses the most recent poll about road rage. Chris recounts an experience when he had to pull over because he got so angry at other drivers in Los Angeles.
  • — Wolverining: 50% of female listeners wolverine their keys when they’re walking in public. The gang discusses the differences between how men and woman behave in public.
  • — Rub and Tug: Both Keith and Chris have gotten happy ending massages. Chris explains prostitution interaction. Chemda had a full body Korean scrub while celebrating her anniversary.
  • — When The Cat’s Away: The gang discusses how they behave when their significant others are out of town
  • — Legs: Policeman Brian Quire tested positive for using meth but claims the tested leg hair rang positive because meth must have touched his leg while on the job
  • — Send In The Clones: Barbara Streisand has revealed that two of her dogs, Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett, are clones of her previous dog who has since passed away


Chris LakerChris Laker

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