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985: The Dragon Returns

For those of you who no longer wish to honor who I am and what I do, I truly wish you death. June 20, 2009

Show Notes

  • — The Biggest Douche: You cannot get the iPhone in Minnesota
  • — Elbows Bend!: This used to be a sexy dude, Androids I'm jerking off to
  • — Opposite Rights: They can really turn a dick inside out into a vagina?
  • — 9 1/2 Pussies: Watermarks in your asshole and impromptu straight-fucking
  • — Just Really Hip: I didn't jerk off to the Boys Are Dancing
  • — Does She Bang?: Ricky's heart can belong to a man or a woman, probably a man though
  • — Going Through A Time: Imagine if I put two prayers on that bitch
  • — Reading Jeremy: Tune into YOU, and work out both of your halves
  • — Your Bad Childhood: Somebody threw a coke bottle in your direction, waaahhh!!!
  • — Phone Readings: Your face drooped for metaphysical reasons
  • — Witch War Quidditch: I would rather have transporter technology than a broom

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