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1019: Black Comedy

Jesus Christ, can't you lighten up for five fuckin' minutes?! August 10, 2009

Show Notes

  • — God Has Humor: I'm not saying there is a God or there isn't, but I'm banking on no
  • — KATG Tattoo #45: We're pirates, we've never talked about pirates, but we're pirates
  • — Nazi Saturday: Defiance, Valkyrie: Hitler? We can get him!
  • — Extreme Brains: The first thing they taught us is that everybody hates Jews
  • — Counting Quarters: Dice was very clever? Oh, you mean when he dropped the bitch on the next block?
  • — Rockstar Comedians: The hardest part about being a comedian is actually writing material, go figure
  • — Dig Deep, Marc's There: Maybe some people had good childhoods and don't think everything is fucked up
  • — Building A Clown: Every year you don't make it, you have to move up the age of your heroes
  • — The Cellar: Here we fucking go again, why the fuck am I here? Thank you very much, good night!
  • — Comic Police: Ten years ago a sell-out was a sell-out. Now a sell-out is fucking rich.
  • — Fuck You, I Know The Truth: Joe Rogan single-handedly destroys the entertainment industry
  • — Your Sprint Commercial: I use Sprint, I guess that doesn't make me a sell-out
  • — Ten Years Sober: If you keep doing it, well, just don't do it then
  • — The Troll Museum: Back in the day Rev. Jev was way into Teletubbies
  • — Your Ex-Wife: I'm going to run into her holding a yoga mat or a cat in a cage...


Marc MaronMarc Maron

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