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1171: The Very Best of Keith and The Girl

I had a friend that was a Nazi. May 3, 2010

Show Notes

  • — Bomb Scare In Time Square: An SUV was found with a bomb in it after seeing smoke coming from it
  • — Beware Rain: Tennessee is flooded, 11 were found dead, should have seen it coming
  • — Scare Yourself: If you quickly open your eyes after sleeping, it's jarring
  • — The More You Know: Keith is amazed at thigh slapping during masturbation
  • — What A Shame: 79% of people have not masturbated/had sex in a movie theater
  • — Do Your Job: Liam opens for Keith drunk and sick, then he yells at the crowd
  • — Not A Ticket: A cop catches Keith peeing on a wall, the cop threatens to pee on Keith's wall
  • — Can You Imagine?: The Very Best of Keith Malley, a brand new CD!
  • — The Parents Decide: The government taxes soda so that kids won't drink it
  • — Illegal Immigration: The Arizona immigration law says police can only stop people who are already violating other laws
  • — May Day: Labor Unions around the world cause riots and protests
  • — Kentucky Derby: Dina wins a lot of money and... and what... there was something else...
  • — Law Abiding Citizen: It was good until the ending, which was ridiculous
  • — Jennifer's Body: Megan Fox turns into a demon monster, it was clever
  • — Intercourse: People's bodies go inside other bodies, that's weird
  • — The Late Great: Lynn Redgrave dies, God needed... somebody?
  • — Your New Dad: A guy dies and his family keeps a cardboard cut-out of him and takes it everywhere
  • — Real American Heroes: A comic book fan dressed as Spider-Man stops a thief
  • — White Supremacist: Jesse James' dad talks about his son being a Nazi and giving him Nazi pamphlets as a child
  • — Restore Stephen Baldwin: Donate to Stephen to prove that when you love God good things happen
  • — Waste Of Therapy: A fan is worried her boyfriend will dump her because she had a threesome with her friends
  • — Your Boundaries: A listener is not okay with his girlfriend being best friends with her ex-boyfriend

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