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Hang Out with Me

Hang Out with Me
In which you (human listener) get to (but don't have to) hang out with (that is to say, listen to) comedian Myq Kaplan (pronounced "Mike Kaplan," I know! I agree with the way you feel about it!) as he hangs out with (that is to say, talks to) other humans in ways that are meaningful, fun, both, or neither. (But probably not neither.)

71: Let's Start Again

Myq hangs out with Jim Tews and Dan Pasternack on the KATG Network June 24, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Let's Start Again: Myq welcomes Dan Pasternack and Jim Tews to the studio
  • — UHF IFC: Dan is the VP of Development Production for the Independent Film Channel, whose New Jersey-based CPA is named Mike Kaplan
  • — Humble Beginnings: Jim is a comedian who practices the art of punnery, and counts Myq as one of the first people he followed on Twitter
  • — FaceCook: The gang ponders whether Dane Cook or MySpace has become more irrelevant and wonders if Dane Cook's name is actually a sly reference to The Muppets' Swedish chef
  • — Sweet Georgia Brown: Dan wanted to be the first white Harlem Globetrotter when he was young and followed his desire to be a performer to his current job
  • — G.I. Jim: Jim joined the Coast Guard after high school and ended up in Cleveland, where he decided to get into comedy
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