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2147: Gang Dick

With Mara Wilson – Mara’s drinking, drug use, and dating life; Mara’s anger toward Keith re: Robin Williams; Jackie Martling calls in; Are you paying too much rent?; humanizing food; Mara’s new book; India and Vietnam; The Dalai Lama refuses to reincarnate March 16, 2015

Show Notes

  • — I’m On A Lot Of Drugs: Mara Wilson is a little sick today, but she’s still in studio
  • — Kindred Spirits: Mara, who just broke up with her boyfriend because their personalities are too similar, doesn’t do recreational drugs, but she does like to drink. The gang discusses bringing food on family vacations.
  • — The Iconoclast: Mara and Keith resolve their rift about the discussion of Mara’s friend and co-star Robin Williams regarding the KATG show after his death
  • — Them Vibes: Jackie ‘The Joke Man’ Martling calls in to share one of his classic jokes
  • — Keith’s wife found a service that lets NYC residents know who used to live in their apartment and whether or not they’re paying too much rent
  • — Screaming Beef: Restaurants that try to humanize the food they serve is odd. Keith and Chemda share tips for preparing steak.
  • — Mara Wilson Type: Despite thinking it might be fun every so often, Mara is happy no longer being in the acting and auditioning game
  • — (K) For Kid: Mara sold a book of essays about her life which helped reopen some of her old anxieties
  • — What A Wonderful World: Vietnam is even crazier than India, and not just because its currency is ‘the dong.’ An Indian woman called off her wedding after her fiancé couldn’t answer a simple math question; earlier, a woman married a guest at her wedding after her husband-to-be had a seizure. Mara’s name is Japanese slang for ‘penis.’ The Dalai Lama is refusing to reincarnate.
  • — I Kneed To Know: Keith got his MRI and met the woman at the clinic he yelled at over the phone
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Mara WilsonMara Wilson

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