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2557: Master of Cum

with Wendi Starling and Stephen Spinola – Chemda’s deterioration; Christmas tree removal; Wendi’s john update; Trump’s crackdown on imaginary voter fraud and the building of The Wall; Stephen calls to explain the Barron Trump tweet fallout; celebrity nude hacker receives 9 months jail time; KATG polls January 26, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Chemda’s Arms Didn’t Work: Wendi Starling is in studio. Chemda is deteriorating.
  • — January 26: Wendi took down her Christmas tree just before coming to the studio
  • — The John: Wendi gives an update on her romantic goings-on, including the time she squirted all over one guy’s kitchen floor and made him eat it
  • — Another Brick In The Wall: President Donald Trump is vowing to crackdown on made up voter fraud despite his closest adviser, his nominee for Treasury secretary, and his daughter being registered to vote in 2 states. Donald Trump signed an executive order beginning construction on his border in Mexico.
  • — Twitter Terrorism: Stephen Spinola calls in and explains the major fallout from his two Barron Trump tweets, and he retracts his apology
  • — Winter’s Bone: Edward Majerczyk, 29, who released nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and others, received 9 months jail time and a $5,700 fine
  • — Survey Says: 1 member of KATG’s audience believes that Barack Obama or Trump requested Steve Harvey’s help with the White House transition. At press time, 100% believe it’s okay to punch Nazis. 62% think juries should be anonymous. Only 1 person vaguebooks. 37% have peed the bed as adults. 85% find Chemda’s bath-panties bat-shit.

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