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yea i had one a few months ago I emailed keith about the day after.

Ok, so I'm not going to make a habit of emailing you every day. But, I did have a dream about KATG last night and thought I would tell you.

I was somewhere up north in PA maybe your old home town and parked at this convenience store / diner and saw keith and chemda walking up to me like we were old pals. We engaged in some conversation like where I'm from, how was the drive and got some food and essentially I was just watching the show as you and chemda read the news, gossiped and talked about your day even hearing chemda say, "get closer to the mic".

Then I was invited back to your place and as I walked in Chemda looks back and says, "whatever you're doing you need to cut it out". Curious, I continue inside, check out your studio and did realize your bedroom is smaller than your studio and laid on your bed where the words incest were written on your be sheets with other words like fag and nigger

Chemda walks in as keith sets up equipment and says, I know you're just trying to get in my pants but stop it and said so as she stripped completely down and changed into some sweatpants and a tank top.

I then woke up and thank god cause as awesome as chemda is, I would do nothing to ruin your relationship.

I love you guys. Latas!

and keith replied with
This dream means you're fucking crazy.

Although, seriously, we do use bed sheets that look like that.

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