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I had one recently with Keith and Chemda in it. I wrote it down as part of a psychological experiment I'm running so I'll post the details of it later. but ti went something like this.

Me, Keith and Chemda are in the backroom of a computer store trying to get a computer to work. Chemda is trying to pull on certain wires to get it to work. Keith, in his frustration declares "the only way to fix it is to take a dump in the power supply." He then proceeds to point his finger at the supply as it magically starts to bulge and leak something green. Chemda says "awesome Keith.. I love your babies" (probably picked up from her always saying "I love you baby.") She then picks up the computer, which at this point in the dream has turned into a giant iPod Nano with strange lettering on it (which in my head was understood to be Hebrew). We made a break for the door. When made it to the doorway, Keith stops... turns around.. shouts "BRUMSKI," and everyone in the store simultaneously grabs their crotch in pain as if they were just punched in he nuts." (men and women alike). That's the end =)
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