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PsychoTaddy, you lived up to your name. You're a psycho.
OCD Dude, sane.
jwdd27, sane.
Keith, not a real answer, but I'll say sane for Chemda's sake.
Blitzgal, no I'm not upset. However you have proven you are a psycho.
rajjy, well everyone already knew you were insane.
arcatacat, sane.
DEPjrTX, clever spoof. You're crazy on a lower level.
rellek,........odd. I'll say you're crazy on that.

The answer was she killed her sister thinking the guy would show up at her funeral. Such an answer only a psychopath could consider logical. Which it turns out was more people on this forum than I was hoping for.
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Lulz at you QL
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