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iTunes rating system.

Folks, just a question... (and if it's already been posed, my apologies for wasting time and space).

I have heard several times now that the iTunes podcasting rating system is only based on the number of times "subscribe" is pressed in a 24 hour period. I have happened upon two websites that mention this as well, I have recieved an email from the Scott Sigler podcast (EarthCore, a podcast novel) that mentiones this system (see copied email below).

Either way Dawn and Drew are now in the top 20 (currently 18) and that frikin' blows. They suck. Especially as of late (wtf am I saying?) As of ever. And I'm sure all of you agree, if more ears could get ahold of the KATG show, it would rock the fn boat...

So, anyone that can help a 13 year old boy get a blow job deserves a minute (or 10) of my day to try to get them into the top 10 at well as yours.


---------------copied email-----------------
Hi everyone. I hope you loved the finale of EarthCore, and I'm getting
ready to spank your imaginations again with Ancestor.

If you've got a minute, I want to experiment with iTunes rankings. It
seems that iTunes ranks not based on subscribers, but on how many
times people click the "subscribe" button. This is frustrating,
becasue the rankings are a great way to expose EarthCore to new listeners.

If you're taking a break at work today, or you've got a minute to
kill, go to iTunes>Podcasts, search for "EarthCore," and click
"subscribe." Make it a game -- how many times can you click
"subscribe" in one minute?

And if you're busy, just email me and tell me to piss off.
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