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6 Ways to Beat a Bot


1. HOOD - To thwart rapidly improving facial-recognition systems, don a hood or a hat - the fabric makes the shape of your head more difficult to identify.

2. GOGGLES - The good thing about getting zapped with a laser: The wound will cauterize instantly. The bad thing: If it hits your eyes, you're blind. Welder's goggles will protect your most sensitive sensor.

3. CROWBAR - Using a kung fu chop on a titanium-and-steel killing machine will only get you a broken hand (and maybe a hearty laugh if your adversary has an emotion chip). Arm yourself with a heavy, blunt weapon, like an old-fashioned crowbar.

4. COMPASS - Knowing how to spot an andriod is half the battle. Hold a compass next to the suspect. If the bot's magnetic field makes the needle go haywire, bolt.

5. DIRT BIKE - Robots have a hard time navigating rough terrain. a bicycle can get you to safety. Besides, at this point, you ought to distrust anything with an engine.

6. CAPE - Newer bots can recognize their prey by its walk. A nice long cape or trench coat can disguise your gait.

[as found in Wired Magazine pg 173, June 2006 - by Daniel Wilson]
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