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Unhappy Arcatacat is laid up

The short version for those who don't really care:

I'm fucked.

Medium version:

I was playing basket ball. I tore my right achilles tendon clean in half. Orthopedic surgery will happen within a couple days to repair it.

The whole story:

I was running around the gym like an 18 year old. I ran after the ball on the outside of the court, then turned back toward the basket to charge for a kick-ass layup. As soon as I turned and took a hard sprinting step toward the basket, I heard a POP like a firecracker. I fell right on to the wood and it felt like someone hit me in the back of the ankle with a baseball bat.

I laid on the floor a few minutes feeling like I was gonna black out. then got up and I couldn't walk. period. So with help from another guy in the gym, I got to the car and my girlfriend drove me to the emergency room.

X-Rays. Splint. Vicodin. PAIN.

The doc says it looks like a complete tear, and gave me the name of an orthopedic surgeon. "Call first thing in the morning and make an appointment. They like to get on these kinds of things right away. You're gonna need surgery to repair it."

So... I'm in bed with a splint on my right ankle. There's some dull pain, but nothing too dramatic. I bought a pair of crutches tonight. Well, my insurance company bought 'em for me anyway.

I'll write more about it tomorrow after I see the surgeon.

I'm not writing this because I want sympathy (although it would be appreciated), I just wanted a central place to send people rather than telling the story a hundred times. So there you go.

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