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Scary : Humans being "remote controlled" like Robots!.

Just in a week ago, several Japanese scientists perfected the ideal gizmo that allows another human, possibly a robot to control a human zombie!.

The device placed near the head of the human subject sends strong pulses to the brain and CONTROLS movement to such an extent that the subject feld compelled to move where the joystick of the controller pushes!.

Test subjects said that its difficult resist the commands send by the device. Short of "reprogramming" those extremist suicide bombers, this probably would be the next best thing!. Scary, huh ?.
As the BORG said, " Resistance is Futile!".

Some day the Borg Queen is going to use an advanced version of this and put human kind in a Matrix like world. Then Keith can instantly upload KATG to the heads of liseners without libsyn!. Many of us will be laughing on the floor..... hopefully these control devices will fall out or break. Who is going to be The One ?.....
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