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Originally Posted by spooky View Post
actually, you have this big artery in your leg, if you hit it, and its pretty easy to do, you could bleed to death in under a minute. if you ever have the chance to shoot someone prone with a rifle, do yourself a favor, and just smash knees or toes or fingers with the butt of the weapon instead....

It's the femoral artery and it's in your thigh. It does branch down toward the knee, but if she stuck to the kneecap area he probably would be fine.

I liked the episode even though I'm still bitter about the tons of commercials and the fact that they took two freakin' months off after only airing six new episodes. But at least we got some new information. The Others can and do get on and off the island at will, and Juliet's been there a much shorter time span than people like Ben and the French lady. Oh, and the French lady hooked up with Ben (Alex is her daughter).
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