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Well, I'm the asshole who brought the whole Podshow re-download issue to light. Until it happened to me--at which point I felt obliged to the KATG clan to share, it had never happened.

I had a few shows archived and immediately noticed the new ads on the Podshow downloads. Made absolute sense, no matter how aggrivating.

Then it happened to the Tartan Podcast--once a Podshow slave. And the wierd part--it was only the oldest entries that were forced through.

Since my letter, I have had it happen on feeds that have nothing to do with Podshow, so I agree that it is a phenom that can just "happen."

But, I have played with some sample RSS feeds and have learned that it is not difficult to force a mass "push" to happen either.

I remain steadfast in my belief that Podshow caused their feeds to be re-pushed, the proof being the altered content ( and no doubt a different GUID). The others issues of this were far more sporadic--i.e. parts of old catalogs, like the new "clean" tagged KATG shows that came down the pipe today.

It was my sincere hope that fucking with RSS feeds would not become a pissing war amongst competing shows. I don't see that happening just yet but I do see signs of experimentation with the idea.

But since Keith has suggested I might be too concerned with "conspiracy" I will attempt to cover my ass by saying:

"You are right. I'm sorry. Please help me."

I was, after all, only trying to help myself.
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