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Originally Posted by Apathetic View Post
Ive been listening to the old shows everyday ive gotten up to 240 or so, now the feed changes and I can't seem to get em.

Tried downloading from Lybsyn directly and the pages just time out. Once it actually started to download but took almost an hour to get half a show and I gave up.

The old shows don't appear to be on Talkshoe, or am I missing something?

If i'm missing the obvious please make fun of me all you want, just point to where the shows are. I require atleast 12 hours a day of shows and NPR and Free talk live are gonna make me slice my wrists open.
what were you listening/downloading with before. (app/computer/do you own it or is it your skools)

I think they are looking at getting the old shows moved over to the new feed.
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