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Originally Posted by rajjy View Post
Fucking idiot deserved it. Why not open both gates, and drive right through instead of leaving her car on the tracks while she fucked about opening/closing gates?

Fucking dumb fuck.
yeah bloody stupid bitch, it's not as if it's in the driving test or anything.

"User-operated gates or barriers

269: Some crossings have 'Stop' signs and small red and green lights. You MUST NOT cross when the red light is showing, only cross if the green light is on. If crossing with a vehicle, you should

* open the gates or barriers on both sides of the crossing
* check that the green light is still on and cross quickly
* close the gates or barriers when you are clear of the crossing.

Laws RTA 1988 sect 36 & TSRGD reg 10 & 52(2)

270: If there are no lights, follow the procedure in Rule 269 above. Stop, look both ways and listen before you cross. If there is a railway telephone, always use it to contact the signal operator to make sure it is safe to cross. Inform the signal operator again when you are clear of the crossing."
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