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PBS had a documentary on NOVA, The Great Robot Race, and it scared the living #$%^ out of me. The robots weren't really that scary, because most of them crashed on their 130 mile trip across the Mojave (or some %^&* desert), but the nerds and robot groupies--they were Exorcist scary. These naive little ubergeeks were cheering for, appluading, talking to these robots like they were cute little snugglypoos rather than the mindless, unconscious and relentless killing machines they actually are! They were like, "That's so awesome! Dude, look, the Stanford robot passed the Carnegie Mellon robot. Yippee!" Yeah, that's great until it's a Deathproof robot smashing your head like a grape, turning you and your loved ones into instant roadkill. One guy actually said, "It's almost like they have their own personalities... duh hee hee," I wanted to grab him by his nerdy little pencil neck and shake the #$%^ out of him. %^&* !
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