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Originally Posted by mali View Post
Notice I didn't comment on the pics? If you don't have anything nice to say.....
Small people? As in thin or short? All the men around me in my life are over 6'
Just sayin
well Keith was about my height, but I have a bigger gut and about 50lbs on him, besides him only TJ were big kids but dont get me wrong you guys were still cool for little people, (jessikat!). Spooks had a rough time so being the Canadian I am I stepped down from the asshole podium for the weekend. I finally can hear the difference thanks to all the ridicule in "out" "about" "dollar" and how often I use eh.

and its not setzer its fuckin soda water, its not called seltzer pop its soda pop, cream soda not cream seltzer
FUCK SNUGGLING....Ill buy you a teddy bear

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