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Originally Posted by Reivax View Post doesn't work that way. I bet if you took a poll the average players dream team to play for in the NHL would probably be a Canadian team. It's only natural given that we treat our players like gods around here. It just so happens that players get drafted and chosen by teams to play for them and there really is little choice on the players side on whom they play for.

I'm not trying to be an asshole, especially given that I'm new here, but I couldn't help but chime in here, because I am Canadian and it's unfortunately programmed into me to take every chance given to me to talk about hockey. Sorry for the rant. :P

This is last years average for players and their nationality in the NHL. Also, keep in mind all the countries massive population differences.
Definitely wasn't picking a fight. I'm perfectly ok with looking at data and saying "I was wrong" if I was trying to make a valid point. Which I wasn't attempting to do. It's so cute that everytime I post something, which isn't even all that often lately, people get defensive.

Spooks had a rough time so being the Canadian I am I stepped down from the asshole podium for the weekend.
Oh fucking waaah. Self fulfilling prophecy, if you ask me.
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