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I didn't know what to expect for the weekend but I was just hoping that it was going to be good enough to justify the cost of the plane ticket. Now that I'm back its almost scary to me that I considered not going . Everybody seemed so friendly and comfortable it was like making 50 friends all at once. I could go on and on but I will let the pictures do the talking.

everybody waiting for the KATG NY convoy to show up.

a big fuuuuuck you from Canada

Osito, such a cool guy.

Osito, Tyrone and his lovely Alana

Ryan, Elliot (me) Scott and James

Trina, High Low, Spooky and Scott

High Low wit Keith

Spooky Vs. Ryan, two very tough SOB's

This is what happens when you give a Canadian an iphone


DaHoney and I

Look who's getting the love now Brother Love

Gunner having fun in Canadian traffic, he laid down on the street right after this was taken.

Picard was cool and cracking me the fuck up all weekend.

FFC and high low sharing some “Canadian” brownies mmmmmmmm

I don't know who else really got to know these guys but they were random 16 year old kids from Spain and their English was just barely good enough to explain that he met somebody in the elevator and they invited them up to the party in at TDO's. They didn't understand why I couldn't buy them booze at 3am and asked if they could call me first thing in the morning to boot for them. You know its a good party when you have random foreigners showing up.
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