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High Low and Brolo

Me and some random guy

High Low and Trina, so cute.

we couldn't leave Toronto with a little vandalism / advertisement

Trina, High Low, FFC and Rhian

I'm Talking about the good times! ( in perfect harmony of course)

now if thats not rock and roll then I don't know what is.

Elliot with Two hotties Dee and Hanah

Elliot with the big man, coach Ryan.

Brother Love is a busy guy, he always has his hand full.

Scott, Trina, Alana, Tanya, Omar and Tyrone all feeling the love.

Picard and High Low

The one and only Gunner.

Scott Perez-Fox, Gold Guy

Tanya, Trina, Elliot and Scott. Thanks for everything guys, luv ya!
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