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Interesting info about Podshow. $32k? Seriously? I guess if you live on a farm in Wisconsin that's enough to get by on. But for the rest of the world, that's a joke. Especially if that punk Curry gets the rights to your show.

The thing that bugged me about Podshow from the beginning was that they were signing some pretty crappy shows. Eventually they got some bigger acts like Dawn and Drew, but it seemed like they were just buying up any show willing to sign that bullshit contract. From Curry's perspective, it's great. If any of those shows actually become popular, he already owns them. It's an investment to him, and nothing more.

It's a shame that most people don't realize how much better they can do. I hate their show, but I have to admit that even Dawn and Drew should be getting a hell of alot more than $32k. Just look at rocketboom. They got $40k from ONE advertiser.
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