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The main part of the ice age that wil kill people will only last a few weeks then it will just be arctic cold, But we will still be able to prosper and the last ice age did rebuild the atmosphere. The earth never moved on its orbit furthe or closer or tiped. I dont know were you got that info. Your thinking to much along the lines of Irobot. You gotta find what will realistically happen. Robots wont chose to kill off man when there supposed to protect us. Like I said before robots wont kill for any gain seeing that they need nothing and have nothing to gain. Robts will only do something wierd if there is a bug or malfunction in the programing. And even then it will be like a slight wobble in the walking or just talking wierd. Have you ever seen a respected computer program malfunction and make a virus. NO. Same with robots they wont malfunction and decide to take over the world and if they do then it will be one robot that decides to, but the rest won't malfunction like one does.
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