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Originally Posted by vinny15

A robotic physicist isnt a atmospheric specialist. duh. I work for NASA not he NSA. ALso I specialize with AI and do you think we are stupid enough to make robots smarter than us.

Next off I was talking about the imabalance in the atmosphere the only time I brought up pollution is when I was talking about the next Ice Age. duh again.

Why don't you idiots read my posts fully.

And spooky I believe you shuld change your views. Your basiclly making stuff up and talking about what you think will happen not wht is most likely going to happen. Robots will most likely not be smarter than us and you idiots dont understand that to kill any electronic device you only have to create enough interferance I.E. static electricity or magnetic fields. What they left out of the science fiction movies is exactly that. A robot will have metal so a magnetic field will pull them right to the magnet. duh duh again

In my opinion you all need to reconsider your stupid ignorant views of robots taking over the world.
If you look at this older post you will see that I wastalking about static electricity from the begining and I did'nt just change my thoughts in my las post.
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