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A Night Out With Keith, Chemda, and Brolo

Couldn't make it to the live show, but I finally caught up with them on Sunday.

Chemda's giving out buttons and stickers. I think the guy in front in thinking of Andy Roony's new stuff. "Did you ever notice all the trees outside? Pine, oak, maple. I like maple trees. they give you maple syrup, but not the fake kind like Log Cabin......."

Oh no! Brother Love is caught in Wonder Man's lasso of scariness!

We finally made it to Vortex

Yeah, we stuck a tattoo on the waitress

Group shot at Vortex

Another group shot

Back at the Dark Horse

I think Chemda likes me

Chemda and Beerchick dancing

It's hard to see but, Brad found a chick on the dance floor and said hi in his way.

Say cheese!!!

Chemda finally looks sweet and innocent

Now that's a Kodak moment

Did Keith spill his beer or piss his pants?

Brad's just chillin with his beer


Sorry, but I don't know who this is. Chemda had my camera at this point

The guy and his chick (yeah, I wish I knew their names)

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