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Your precious podcast community

Soccergirl happened to have her camera at our live Atlanta show but, and we assume accidentally, left with our tape of the recording of The Live Rock Aftershow featuring Brother Love, 4" Stud's Stevie Gold, Chemda and surprise guest This Guy Me. It would have been a nice feature on the Atlanta video for everyone. After a few unanswered calls from Soccergirl, Brother Love receives the following email and the following back-and-forth. Below is another example of your Help Everyone We're All Hippies Beautiful Podcast Community.

From Soccergirl:


I've been really busy since I got back. REALLY busy. Sorry you needed
the tape from me so urgently but I just haven't had even a second and
I need to figure out how to transfer what I shot of you to another
tape because I've got lots of other Dragoncon stuff on there so I
can't just give it to you. Besides, I was under the impression that
footage was mine to use as well, since I did bring my camera to shoot
for my show in the first place. Didn't totally realize I was going to
be the camera crew for your thing, not that I would have minded that,
just didn't realize. I would have just given it to you then, had I
thought of it, unfortunately I didn't and now it's not the easiest
thing to figure out because I'm out of space on my computer, no cash
for a new hard drive, not sure how to copy the tape without space.
Doing my best to figure it out as soon as possible. Sorry it's
inconvienent. Give me your address so I can send it as soon as I get
it copied.

From The BroloTM:

> Yo
> I just watched the Trailer for KATG in Atlanta - and it Absolutely
> SUCKS that I wasn't able to get any of The Live footage of My little
> show on there Could have been Great for YOU and For ME -
> I know you are busy sweetie -
> I just don't get it....
> You could have sent - or Transfered it for download by now
> This kind of stuff is How we get out there - build our following -
> I don't mean to sound like a Jerk -
> I just HATE missing a golden opportunity - Especially when I Put in
> all the hard work and Spend my own money to get to these conventions
> Brolo

From Soccergirl:

If you have ever tried working with video on a very old machine with very little memory you would understand. It takes HOURS to transfer video of any kind through my computer, let alone copying it and uploading. I'm on an insane deadline with my own video shit, have to produce five pieces in a matter of days and as it is I spend most of my time waiting for it to process.
You're not the only one with shit going on for fuck's sake. I've got the video. You'll have it eventually. It's not the end of the world.
You are being a jerk. Besides, you have the video of the KATG stuff just not the singing. I MADE an entire video of your other show. You need to have a little understanding. I'm not just blowing you off.
There are lots of reasons why this hasn't been possible.
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