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Originally Posted by Keith View Post

I'm out of space on my computer, no cash
for a new hard drive, not sure how to copy the tape without space.

If you have ever tried working with video on a very old machine with very little memory you would understand. It takes HOURS to transfer video of any kind through my computer, let alone copying it and uploading. I'm on an insane deadline with my own video shit, have to produce five pieces in a matter of days and as it is I spend most of my time waiting for it to process.
You're not the only one with shit going on for fuck's sake. I've got the video. You'll have it eventually. It's not the end of the world.
You are being a jerk. Besides, you have the video of the KATG stuff just not the singing. I MADE an entire video of your other show. You need to have a little understanding. I'm not just blowing you off.
There are lots of reasons why this hasn't been possible.

Wheres all the millions from the Podshow contract for New Equipment ?

And he wrote a fucking love song about you bitch be nice!
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