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Originally Posted by JediMom View Post
That is true. But then she shouldn't be recording her own stuff on it then either.

But what Ballz said still applies. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. It sucks, but you can't always count on others to do what you want them to.
I would agree...if only Keith and Chemda could be both behind the camera and in front of it at the same time. Instead they called on someone they considered a friend who happen to have a camera with her and asked if she'd tape. She agreed. It's the same when Matt tapes or anyone else.

Keith claims the tape belonged to them. If that's true, she shouldn't have left with the tape and she shouldn't have taped HER shit on that tape. If the tape belonged to her before the KATG event, then KATG can't claim any ownership over it and they'll just have to wait and be patient.

The point now is that what's been done is done. Deciding who's the one at fault doesn't change the fact that the video is in her hands and both parties want what's on that tape and they want it now. Frankly it's between the four of them. I mean we can have all the opinions on the issue as we want but essentially the four of them need to get together and come to a consensus on how to solve the issue.

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