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Originally Posted by Gunderling View Post
Speaking from experience, it most certainly does -- they are the first thing to "balloon". (How much they blossom depends on the person.)
OMG! "Ballooned" would not even come close to the growth I experienced! And for you guys that don't know any better yet... they get EVEN BIGGER when the baby is born & the milk is flowing!

I will never forget the first time Mr. DaH & I went out after having my first baby... I have never seen so many men (& women for that matter) blatently stare at my chest before. I saved that shirt for posterity's sake. It never fit the same after I stopped breastfeeding.

Originally Posted by panicBoy View Post
Say whatevs about Xtina. She's certainly above the tabloidiarrhea, and lives a much more private life than most of our current crop of pop-tarts. Plus, that voice of hers kicks much ass; and she can bring it live as well.

It ain't called "whore dignity," it's called poise. The celebutards could learn a hell of a lot from her.
Ah... you love her don't you?

Originally Posted by picard102 View Post
Someone has a crush.

Originally Posted by panicBoy View Post
Do I, Picard?
So cute!
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