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Originally Posted by ncfcyank19 View Post
Do you really love it? Cause you seem kind of annoyed. We're 85 posts in now. There. Are ya happy now?

Fucking drama. So much shit in life and THIS is what we gotta argue about? Come on folks. Why can't we just be nice? Just a little?
Aw... Daniel! Easy buddy! Easy! I was just trying to lighten tings up a bit...

I do think think it is funny how everyone has an opinion on how to solve the problem, but the reality is that SG has the tape and until she decides to give it to them there is nothing anyone of 85 posts can do about it.

I haven't ever checked... Is SG registered on these forums? Like would she even have the time (since she's SO busy) to read this thread for OUR advice on how to handle this.

85 posts of fun & fodar for my day! Thanks to everyone keeping me from actually doing some work today! Kisses!
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