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Originally Posted by McNally View Post
What the fuck is wrong with Japan? I don't mean that in some abstract way. I want a scientific study done to find out what is wrong with them. I guess this is no crazier than their last fifty million ridiculous bullshits, but I think they finally broke me.
Not just Japan, my friend - Been to Crystal Mall in Metrotown ever? It's the Chinamen, too. The fuck. I swear it's like something freakish and pink with sparkles and hentai threw up over the entire place.

However I've never gotten into Japan since I grewed up, there's something mentally fucked there thinking that 50 years old guys are reading and getting aroused, stuffed into subway trains with "Sailor Moon". Yeesh.

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Yes - no, I see that one. I want *MORE* - real life non celeb examples, 'twas what I was getting at.
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