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Originally Posted by beerchick View Post
Someone writes a song about you and you can't even do them the small favor of sending a tape? And then on top of it, calling Brolo, who is nice to everyone, a jerk?!

Doesn't she trust Brolo or KATG enough to send them the original and then expect them to make a copy or send it back? Oh right, I forgot, her best myspace friends are Dawn and Drew, so I guess she's used to getting expectedly ass-fucked.

And WHAT the hell is with KATG fans supporting her?! Just because you saw her titties doesn't mean your loyalty to her is unshakable.
Just so you know - EVERYONE has seen her titties - she has no loyalty to you.

You said everything that i have been thinking since Keith started this new thread, I havent been around the Forums very long but flashing your boobs is not a reason to be even semi sucessful.

It seems like sign a PodShow contract and become mean and selfish
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