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Originally Posted by Hugh View Post
That's the second bullshit thing I have read about video in this thread. Making a copy of digital video makes a perfect copy, presuming the tapes don't have faults in them and you don't reencode it. Digital video is all 1's and 0's, and the copy should be an exact recreation of the original.

Taking the video off the tape takes the same amount of time as the footage that is on it, ie real time. Once it is on your computer, that is it, you can send away the tape, you don't need it anymore. If you want to convert it to DivX or XVid or whatever, you encode from the video that is on your harddrive, not the tape.

So there is no reason why Soccergirl is keeping the tape. I mean, if she is truly out of hard drive space she must be BROKE. Hard drives are SO cheap now it is ridicules. That is just bad management of resources.

The real issue here is how seriously Soccergirl vs. KATG takes this shit. For Soccergirl, obviously it is just a hobby or else none of this would have went down. For KATG, it is a full time job. Herein lies the difference. What KATG need to realise that if they are going to be professional themselves, they will have to work with professional people, and can't rely on just random people recording their shit. Sure it sucks, but this is the difference between a commercial venture and a whatever I'm just having fun chill the fuck out podcast.

I guess we are getting closer to the real issue. I find it perplexing that a girl who will flash her jugs at will, has a hard time giving up a tape. What's the big deal?
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