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Originally Posted by strangeone View Post
I doubt that a full time job and doing her podcast means she couldn't stop by a post office to overnight Keith and Chemda their tape.

It was Keith and Chemda's tape to begin with, even if she took it by accident she shouldn't have filmed her own stuff on it. Then, get pissy when Keith and Chemda want their tape back.
It wasn't that she didn't have the time to mail the tape. The problem was that she didn't have time to transfer the tape to her computer.

Technically, the only thing she really owes Keith is a blank tape. I guess thats why I don't understand why she was thrown under the bus like this. If she really wanted to be pissy, she could just give them a blank tape. Even if she does eventually give them back the same tape (and doesn't erase the content from it first), they or anyone else would first need her permission to actually use or reproduce the content. Because she is the one that recorded it, she owns it.
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