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Originally Posted by Chinaman Fathead View Post
Technically, no.
Technically FUCK YOU.

The tape was handed to her with the understanding that she was going to use it to record KATG and BroLo and common sense would dictate that meant after the performance, the tape should have been returned. SoccerGirl lacks a sense of common courtesy and so we're in the situation we're in.

Fuck technicalities, anyone with a sense of decency would overnight the tape, allow KATG to quickly copy it since SG cannot, and then they would overnight the tape back so she could have all the footage she needed from it. They've even offered to pay for the shipping costs at this point and still nothing.

At this point I'd be surprised if KATG ever saw the tape again. SG comes across as the type who at this point would become childlike and with a spiteful vengeage would keep the tape and destroy it after she got what she needed from it. This could just be me projecting my own prejudices onto her based on the little I know of her and a lot of ignorance. Something tells me I'm pretty damn close though.

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